Wednesday, July 6 20h30-22h00

Concert : « CANTAR » : From Andes to Buenos Aires and outdoor paella


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Wednesday, 06 July 2016 : 20h30-22h00

« CANTAR » : From Andes to Buenos Aires
and outdoor paella


Cantar are stories, stories of exile, slaves, racial mixing. Stories of those people who came from Africa or Europe creating new rhythms, new musics ; stories/history too of those people who were always here and have been dispossessed of everything.

Cantar is a duet : Mercedes Garcia and Paul Pace.

trained by singer Haydée Alba, who teaced her how to sing tango, Mercedes Garcia plays with Pino Enriquez (Trio Esquina), Leonardo Sanchez, Laurent Vivet (Hora Cero).
Paul Pace worked with Carlos Benn Pott, flutist of Los Incas, who showed him Quechua and Aymara music from the high slopes of the Andes.


After first set, at 20h30, focused on traditional music, songs and dances, a pause will allow to have a drink and eat some paella or desserts in the so nice patio.

At 21h30 : 2d set in the patio for a 30 mn concert with tango, waltz, milonga and candombe.

At the same time, opening of the main ball room (DJ David X, Pays-Bas) completed at 22h in the upstairs room some alternative music by the DJs of OtrosTangos. Follow link to see more.


    three formulas for the night  (drinks and meal not included paella+drink10€) :
  • Full night : 15€/13€
  • Concerts only : 8€/6€
  • 2d part  concert + milonga (open around 21h30) : 10€/8€

  Location   MJC du Pont des Demoiselles
  63 bis, avenue Saint-Exupéry
  31400 - Toulouse


To get there BY CAR
Place St Pierre Place Pont Neuf  Bus 10
Click to see bigger

If you have no car, it's easy by BUS

From Place St Pierre wall 700m to reach Place du Pont Neuf.
Cross the place (not the bridge) and take bus n° 10 (against the direction of CAR trafic), departure every 10-15mn
Bus stop 'Dufour' just in front of the MJC.

back to center town by night bus n° 10S. trip time : 19mn. Until 1 AM.

After 1AM, use car-sharing or eventually the free shuffles.



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