Nous sommes au regret de vous annoncer l'annulation du festival Tangopostale cette année. Nous vous donnons rendez-vous du 2 au 11 juillet 2021 pour la prochaine édition.

(EN) We are sorry to announce you that Tangopostale festival is cancelled this year. See you from July 2d to 11th 2021 for the next edition. 

(ES) Sentimos anunciar que el festival Tangopostale 2020 está cancelado. Nos vemos del 2 al 11 de Julio de 2021 para la próxima edición.

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Thursday, July 6 14h00-16h30

Tango Café


Thursday, 06 July 2017 : 14h00-16h30

Tango Café

Place for coming together of cultures, the Café Tango gets together both professionals and amateurs of tango and Latin-American culture at the tea room of the Librairie Ombres Blanches (section langues étrangères).

On the programme: readings, tales, music, exhibitions, projections, round tables, tastings...



Monday, July 3rd 
- introduction to the work of Justino Serralta by Jorge Stirling
- lecture by Pedro Ochoa on "Tango and cinema"


Tuesday, July 4th
- The Dancing, short film by Édith Lepaule
- "The tango couple in literature", a reading by Solange Bazely
- « charla » (talk) with the Luna-Tobaldi Duo (SP+FR)


Wednesday, July 5th
- musical break with Isabelle Ottria (singing) & Vidal Rojas (guitar)
- presentation of the book La Cumparsita, el tango universal by Alberto Magnone (SP+FR)


Thursday, July 6th

- encounter with the Tanino Trio (SP+FR)
- lecture by J. F. Carballo, "El Uruguayan tango, myths and reality"


Friday, July 7th

- musical break with Ana Norro (ventriloquist) and Laurent Letassey (bandoneon)
- lecture by Christophe Apprill, "Listening and attentiveness on tango" (see the complementary workshop)


Saturday, July 8th

For young and old alike!
- tales from Patagonia by Mara
- snack offered by the restaurant Caminito
- musical break with Winner Team (clarinet & bandoneon)



  Location   Librairie Ombres Blanches (langues étrangères)
  3, rue Mirepoix
  31000 - Toulouse

Attention, les Cafés tango ont lieu dans l'espace langues étrangères, 3 rue Mirepoix ! À ne pas confondre avec la librairie principale !

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