Sunday, July 2 10h45-17h15



Sunday, 02 July 2017 : 10h45-17h15


Workshop offered by Nouveau Regard association.

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Sophrotango suggests a new approach typically devised so to lighten and help the training of Argentine tango. This workshop invites to develop self listening and listening of the other, to enhance other corporal possibilites and creativity, for a flowing, economical and alive dance.
Nathalie Lebrun-Bailly is sophrologist and occupational therapist.
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First part: Feet on top form
From walk to dance, it's only one step... Better know and care about your feet, invite them to offer you all their ressources in self-relation, in your relation with the floor, with the other.

Lunch break: don't forget to bring your lunch box!
Second part: Axis and movement
Perception of anatomical concerns of axis and embrace (abrazo). Autonomy, reactivity and share in the circularity.
Registrations limited. Any level of dance. Flexible clothes, socks or slippers.
60 € (Workshop of 5 hours)

Information et inscriptions :
- by phone : +33 6 23 10 05 85
- by mail :

5h of workshops with Nathalie Lebrun-Bailly, relaxation therapist and occupational therapist.

  Location   Maison du Tango (Tangueando Toulouse)
  51 Rue Bayard
  31000 - Toulouse

Site de Tangueando Toulouse
Accès en transports en commun : 
• Métro Marengo SNCF (ligne A)
• Attention, la station de métro Jeanne d'Arc (ligne B) est temporairement fermée. Nous vous conseillons de descendre à la station Compans-Caffarelli pour rejoindre Tangueando.



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