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Wednesday, July 5 22h30-02h00

Milonga des Demoiselles


Wednesday, 05 July 2017 : 22h30-02h00

Pierre_M, DJ and vidéo-jockey (traditional)
Main room

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In 2006, Pierre_M starts to learn Argentine tango in Marseille, his home town. He then travels to many places in Europe to dance and discover the European capitals and local tango communities. After four years in Berlin, he makes a name of himself as a traditional DJ in the world of international festivals.
His original profession as a director led him to develop a concept of projection and live video mixing (VJing) previously unseen in the world of tango, that he had practised years before in the electronic music environment. Based on old tango movies and movies from the 1940s, this concept was presented in many international tango festivals, in Buenos Aires during collaborations with Otros Aires and Electrocutango, and more recently in marathons and milongas in Europe. Visual poetry, traditional tango music, presentation of the orchestras and visual cortinas come one after another until the end of the night, with the aim of sharing the music and the passion for dancing.

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Demonstration by Karin Emrich (Germany) and Luis Blanc (Argentina).

And also...: exhibition of Céline Lajeunie's photographies of the show Corte Tango. Discover

OtrosTangos (alternative)
Room 2

OtrosTangos team was created at the end of 2015 so to organise alternative performances (milongas, workshops...) for the festival Tangopostale. It gathers local DJs interested by the alternative tango movement and invites international DJs. Otherwise Otros Tangos initiated the "Tango Flash" which announces the festival and the 'Tango and History' walks. 

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Please note: the Milonga des Demoiselles will follow the concert of Ana Karina Rossi and Alberto Magnone.


Prices : 
Ball only: 10 € / 8 € 

Duo offer* (Ana Karina Rossi and Alberto Magnone concert + ball): 16 € / 14 €
Food and beverage on the spot: paëlla + drink = 10 €

* Only on Festik presale.
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Please note: the Milonga des Demoiselles will follow the concert of Ana Karina Rossi and Alberto Magnone.

  Location   MJC du Pont des Demoiselles
  63 bis, avenue Saint-Exupéry
  31400 - Toulouse


To get there BY CAR
Place St Pierre Place Pont Neuf  Bus 10
Click to see bigger

If you have no car, it's easy by BUS

From Place St Pierre wall 700m to reach Place du Pont Neuf.
Cross the place (not the bridge) and take bus n° 10 (against the direction of CAR trafic), departure every 10-15mn
Bus stop 'Dufour' just in front of the MJC.

back to center town by night bus n° 10S. trip time : 19mn. Until 1 AM.

After 1AM, use car-sharing or eventually the free shuffles.



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