Thursday, July 6 14h00-17h00

Singing "La Cumparsita"


Thursday, 06 July 2017 : 14h00-17h00

Singing "La Cumparsita"

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Led by Ana Karina Rossi, singer and Uruguayan educator, accompanied on the piano by the maestro Alberto Magnone.
Workshop proposed within the framework of the 100 years old of La Cumparsita.

This workshop, intented for trainees at all levels proposes different approaches to sing and interpret the most famous tango in history: La Cumparsita. The class will deal with techniques to optimise the work of a singer. The pianist Alberto Magnone, who just finished extensive researches on the origins and evolution of this song for his book La Cumparsita, el tango universal (Montevideo, 2017), will accompany the workshop participants on the second day.

Born in Montevideo (Uruguay), Ana Karina Rossi started her career in Buenos Aires before settling in Europe. As a singer and actor, she joins several shows and concerts in the field of tango. Alberto Magnone, one of the most famous pianists of the Uruguayan musical scene is also a composer and a musical director.

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- day 1: technical work, understanding of the lyrics, phonetics, accentuation, association music+lyrics
- day 2: work on the interpretation and construction of your own version with the accompanist musician.

Please note : Ana Karina Rossi and Alberto Magnone will perform on Wednesday, July 5th at 9pm at the Espace Pont des Demoiselles. Alberto Magnone will present his book La Cumparsita, el tango universal in the Tango Café on Wednesday, July 5th.


65/55/45 € for the 2 workshop days (2 x 3 hours).
Workshop limited to 12 participants.

Information and bookings:
Before the 31st May 2017, to Antoine Garcia ( / +33 6 95 51 42 38)



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