Thank you all, tangueros, artists and volunteers for your participation in Tangopostale 2019. 

See you next year for the 12th edition from Friday 26th of June to Sunday 5th of July 2020! 


Saturday, July 8 16h30-19h30

Eterna Milonga - DJ Benoît le Rouge

BAL (Traditionnel)

Saturday, 08 July 2017 : 16h30-19h30

Eterna Milonga -

DJ Benoît le Rouge

The Eterna Milonga is the favourite event of the dancers; it gets together the tangueros every afternoon under the shade of the charming Place Saint-Pierre. A new dance floor, more adapted and noticeably extended, will delight the milongeros!

benoitlerouge web2Eterna Milonga St Pierre web2

Benoît le Rouge plays a music centered on fast rythms, mainly drawn from the huge Argentine tango repertoire. He has at his disposal many unreleased songs restored by his own means, and he loves to associate videos to the ball whenever possible. For him, the ball is a social moment that can be animated with homogeneous tandas. By varying a lot between the tandas (color, mood, period and rythm) Benoît le Rouge creates surprise and accompanies the dancers towards new horizons.

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Prices Eterna Milonga :

3 € /day

10 € /week (sliding scale price starting from Wednesday)

5 € /week with our special offers "Duo+" and "Trio+" (only on Festik). More information on Book now.

In the event of bad weather, the ball will take place at the salle San Subra (ancienne chapelle) at the 2, rue San Subra.

  Location   Place Saint-Pierre
  Place Saint-Pierre
  31000 - Toulouse

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