Wednesday, July 5 20h00-21h00

"Retro" tango apéro


Wednesday, 05 July 2017 : 20h00-21h00

"Retro" tango apéro

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"Retro" tango apéro with Isabelle and Christian of the association Tango à la mer. On the agenda: 78s and paella! 

Since the beginning, the history of tango has made itself on back-and-forth travels between France and Argentina. The first Argentinian masters started being interested in Paris in the 1910s. In the frenzy of the interwar period emerged a tango fashion: tango colour, tango coktail, tango tea, tango champagne... Some Argentinian orchestras and musicians came and settled in Paris and recorded the first 78s in a musical style which reflected the up-dated practices of the current Parisian dancings. Some famous names still remain associated to this period: Victor d’Amario, Rafael Canaro, Manuel Pizzaro, Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha...
Listening a 78s on a gramophone is a unique experience. Isabelle and Christian Dreano of the association Tango à la mer offer you to relive the "analog" sound, thanks to the wealth of harmonics and through tangos played on one of these portable La Voix de son maître gramophones. They propose you to dance on these musical tunes in their original version.

Isabelle and Christian Dreano created the tango festival Par la côte en Bretagne 11 years ago. Passionate about tango, they discovered by chance the gramophone and records of Isabelle's grand-father, an excellent dancer. In this approach they were helped by the Phonographe museum in Paris.

Find more about Tango à la mer

As in 2016, the festival-goers were conquered by the paella and cannelés of Jean-Pierre Fontas, our favourite chief will offer again his talents to the delight of our taste buds!

  Location   MJC du Pont des Demoiselles
  63 bis, avenue Saint-Exupéry
  31400 - Toulouse


To get there BY CAR
Place St Pierre Place Pont Neuf  Bus 10
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If you have no car, it's easy by BUS

From Place St Pierre wall 700m to reach Place du Pont Neuf.
Cross the place (not the bridge) and take bus n° 10 (against the direction of CAR trafic), departure every 10-15mn
Bus stop 'Dufour' just in front of the MJC.

back to center town by night bus n° 10S. trip time : 19mn. Until 1 AM.

After 1AM, use car-sharing or eventually the free shuffles.



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