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Monday, July 1 10h30-16h00




20€ for 1 workshop // 36€ for 2 // 45€ for 3

Monday, 01 July 2019 : 10h30-16h00

10:30 am-12:00pm: The tango and the characters of the skin
The skin is our “biggest” organ. This envelope that contains us and defines us in space is our bridge between the inside and the outside: a vast program! How in my dance, can I modulate and play with the different characters ... of my skin.

12: 30-2pm: The sense of touch as a walking engine:
Or how to let myself be carried by what sets me in motion: to reach, to yield, to bring back to oneself or to push back. Touch, and let yourself be touched ...

2: 30-4pm: Rhythm and musicality, a sensory conversation with the ground
Walk, rebounds, hesitations, suspensions, accelerations and breaks: what I give to the ground, and how I modulate and interpret his answer ... in connection with my partner.


natango Allegria copie 2 recadré


Nathalie Mann










Workshops are all levels, given in French and English (or Spanish, or German) and designed around a pedagogical progression. Each participant is invited to experience both roles.

Each beginning of the workshop is done in slippers or socks. Plan a soft and comfortable outfit, as well as a bottle of water!


Contact: Nathalie Mann :

  Location   Salle Osète
  6, rue du Lieutenant-Colonel Pélissier
  31000 - Toulouse

Métro A et B : station Jean Jaurès
La salle Osète se trouve dans l'espace Duranti.




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