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-- SEE YOU NEXT YEAR, from 30th June to 9th July! --

Programme du festival

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Saturday, July 6 11h00-17h30

Maestros: Sabrina y Rubén Veliz



25€ / workshop / 20€ by workshop up to 3

Saturday, 06 July 2019 : 11h00-17h30

6 classes that have to be taken as a group with the Argentine maestros Sabrina y Rubén Veliz, proposed by Tangueando association.

Friday, July 5

11h to 12h30 - Tango: The secrets of the abrazo: posture, axis and balance (connection & ease) (all levels)

14h to 15h30 - Tango: Dissociation and the pivot: from simplicity to complexity (intermediate & advanced )

16h to 17h30 - Waltz: Fluidity of the movement and combinations with change of dynamics (intermediate & advanced)


Saturday, July 6

11h to 12h30 - Tango: The secrets of the walk adapted to the music of several orchestras (all levels)

14h to 15h30 - Milonga: Sequences with crossed and traspies (intermediate & advanced)

16h to 17h30 - Tango: The magic of the turn sharing and generating energy (axis, individual technique and torsion (advanced)



  • All levels: from a full year of tango
  • Intermediate: 2-4 years or more with regular practice
  • Advanced: 4-5 years or more with a regular practice


Maestros Sabrina y Rubén Veliz

"Los Veliz" began to dance together in 1997 and have worked in several companies. For the past ten years, they have participated in several festivals in Europe, the United States and Asia. Their teaching is based on the fundamentals of Argentinian tango at the technical level (posture, space, fluidity) and musicality. They are characterised by Talent and genius.

  Location   Maison du Tango (Tangueando Toulouse)
  51 Rue Bayard
  31000 - Toulouse

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• Métro Marengo SNCF (ligne A)
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