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Friday, June 29 20h30-21h50

Gaucho de Hollywood

Shows, concerts, cinema


13 € / show + opening milonga : 15.10 €

Friday, 29 June 2018 : 20h30-21h50


            In 1921, Rudolf Valentino and Hollywood imposed and exported a distorted image of the Argentinian man with the movie Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which displayed a character dancing tango, dressed as a gaucho and wearing an Andalusian hat. Two years later, Carlos Gardel made its first tour in Europe. Due to the international success of the movie, the producer of the great singer born in Toulouse forced him to dress as the main character played by Valentino. Gardel founded it ridiculous, but accepted to do so as he understood that the stereotype created by Hollywood would be more efficient to reach an international audience. Almost a century after this event, an Argentinian trio invites us to discover the story of the first misunderstanding about the picture of the “ latin lover” introduced by Valentino. Today’s tangueros wouldn’t be the same without this distorted Hollywood image. And what would American cowboys look like without the Italian dramatic representation of the Spaghetti Western?

NOTE: a free shuttle will bring you from the Centre Culturel Henri-Desbals to the salle du Cap where the opening ball will take place.

Compulsory booking before June 25th. More information

  Location   Centre culturel Henri-Desbals
  128, rue Henri-Desbals
  31100 - Toulouse

Programme du Centre culturel Henri-Desbals


Métro : ligne A - station Bagatelle
Bus : ligne 3 - arrêt Bagatelle
Voiture : par la rocade ouest sortie 26 



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