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Programme du festival

Saturday, July 2 14h00-15h30

Butterfly Milonga

MILONGA (traditionnelle)


Pay as you feel, all benefits will be given to the Simon de Cyrène association

Saturday, 02 July 2022 : 14h00-15h30

>> Tangopostale is hosting the 1st Milonga Papillon ("butterfly milonga"), an inclusive milonga for both handicapped and non-handicapped dancers. An original project designed with the  collaboration of Simon de Cyrène, Proyecto Auris and Montanas de Tango.

Milonga PapillonWe are delighted to invite you to the Milonga Papillon, an all inclusive milonga for both handicapped and non-handicapped persons.

The Milonga is a place for music, dance and  encounters beyond words. The butterfly stands for shapeshifting, for opening horizons and asserting potentials.

The butterfly’s flight is also a symbol for freedom and fullness. We believe in a greater potential of changes due to human connections and this is the reason why we would like to offer you an all inclusive space to develop new bonds.

Indeed, inclusion has advantages for all: if we behave in an inclusive way, we also are inclusive to ourselves. Similarly, if behve in an exclusive way, I also exclude myself.

The Milonga Papillon is a project which aims at initiating such a transformation process through a humanistic approach: the alchemy of music, dance and inclusion.

A discussion will follow the milonga.
Our special guests: Brian Chambouleyron, singer and composer, and Francesca Fedrizzi, certified tango-therapist


More information Auris project // More information on Montañas de Tango // More information on the association Simon de Cyrène
More information on the Milonga Papillon : Facebook page / milongapapillon@gmail.com / 06 35 51 02 62

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