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Programme du festival

Saturday, July 2 11h00-19h45

Workshops with Vio from TangoForge



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Saturday, 02 July 2022 : 11h00-19h45

>> 6 workshops on 2 days with Vio from TangoForge, organised by Let's dance: every morning, a 2h30-workshop / every afternoon, 2 workshops of 1h15

TangoForge does not teach sequences, so there is no need to memorize. Instead, we teach you what distinguishes each of the 25 tango elements (cross, sacada, voleo, gancho etc.) and how to find variations on your own. You'll learn the technique with anatomically-accurate terminology that enables you to diagnose your own errors and help fellow dancers. 

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Saturday 2nd of July

  • 11h-13h30: Exercises to maintain and improve your tango skills: focus on posture and connection
  • 14h-15h15: Smooth and soft ganchos
  • 18h30-19h45: Circular voleos, pro and contra

Dimanche 3 juillet

  • 11h-13h30 : Exercises to maintain and improve your tango skills: Focus on strength and balance
  • 14h-15h15 : From gancho to gancho, technique from the maestro "El Pulpo", Norberto Esbrez
  • 18h30-19h45 : Linear voleos, pro and contra 

| Level required: at least 1 year of tango
| Matériel: loose clothing, comfortable shoes like sneakers with leather sole because we won't be allowed to use talc 
| Language: the workshop is given in French and English
| Prices : 2h30-workshop = 40€ for 1 cours / 76€ for 2 // 1h15-workshop = 20€ for 1 / 76€ for 4
Booking: more than recommended!

↪ More info on TangoForge



Repas site

It is possible to have dinner at the Studio Hop on Saturday 2nd et Sunday 3rd , after the workshops and before the Neolonga: you can bring your own meal or book a meal prepared by our favorite cooker. You have two options: with meat or vegetarian.

Price: 12€ for dinner with meat // 10€ for vegetarian dinner

Please book your dinner in advance, before June 30th: book a meal


  Location   Studio Hop
  4 bis, avenue de Rangueil
  31400 - Toulouse

Go to the Studio Hop:

> Metro station Saint-Agne-SNCF (line B) and then 5 min. walking
(For the neolongas, metro until 3am on Saturday and 12pm on Sunday, then carsharing until the first metro at 5:30am)
> By car: exit n°23 b 



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