Thank you all, tangueros, artists and volunteers for your participation in Tangopostale 2019. 

See you next year for the 12th edition from Friday 26th of June to Sunday 5th of July 2020! 


Cultural program

Monday, July 1 14h30-16h30

Tango Café




Monday, 01 July 2019 : 14h30-16h30

As a cultural meeting place, the Café Tango gathers both professionals and amateurs around tango and South-American culture.

Do not miss the exhibition of drawings "The tango and its maestros" by Hermenegildo Sábat (reproductions)!


Monday, July 1:

14h30-15h 30: Meeting with André Vagnon author of the book Magic City, 1911-1941

15h30-16h30: Meeting with the Argentine designer Jorge Gonzalez


Tuesday, July 2nd:

14h30-15h30: Lecture Conference "The Poets of the golden age of tango" by Solange Bazely

15h30-16h30: lecture -tribute to the draftsman H. Sabat by Jean-Luc Thomas


Wednesday, July 3:

14h30-15h30 : Lecture "La Salida: Tango and the press today” by Jean-Luc Thomas and Solange Bazely

15h30-16h30: Lecture "The visual representation of tango" by Jean-Luc Thomas


Thursday, July 4th:

14h30-15h30: Encounter with the musicians of the Tango Sonos orchestra

15h30-17h30: Meeting with Carlos Carrizo author of the book Astor Piazzolla: the music of Buenos Aires


Friday, July 5:

14h30-15h30: -Mara de Patagonie: "Mujeres en el tango", Women in tango.
-Projection of Sergey Davy's short film A boat tomorrow of Serge Davy

15h30-16h30: Reading Etchings of Buenos Aires by Roberto Arlt by Solange Bazely


Saturday, July 6:

14h30-15h30: Meeting with the director and photographer Claire Pétavy

15h30-16h30 : Lecture "Tango of ashes, the tango of death" by Sylvie Beyssade



The Café Tango will open every day from 2pm to allow you to enjoy a coffee before the start of the various meetings.



15h30-16h30: Meeting with the Argentine designer Jorge Gonzalez

  Location   Librairie Ombres Blanches (langues étrangères)
  3, rue Mirepoix
  31000 - Toulouse

Attention, les Cafés tango ont lieu dans l'espace langues étrangères, 3 rue Mirepoix ! À ne pas confondre avec la librairie principale !

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