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The cultural and tanguero sectors are very impacted by the covid-19 epidemic, as well as many other fields. We are consicents of the situation but we keep hoping that the festival can be held as planned, from 26th of June to 5th of July.

We will keep you informed in the next weeks. 

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FRI 26 - SAT 27 - SUN 28 - MON 29 - TUE 30 - WED 1 - THU 2 - FRI 3 - SAT 4 - SUN 5 - TOUT

FRI 26 - SAT 27 - SUN 28 - MON 29 - TUE 30 - WED 1 - THU 2 - FRI 3 - SAT 4 - SUN 5 - TOUT


VIE 28 - SAB 29 - DOM 30 - LUN 1 - MAR 2 - MIÉ 3 - JUE 4 - VIE 5 - SAB 6 - DOM 7 - TOUT


Saturday, July 4 11h00-17h30

Maestros workshops - Vanessa Gauch & Eşref Tekinalp

STAGE Maestros


Saturday, 04 July 2020 : 11h00-17h30

8 workshops with the maestros Vanessa Gauch & Eşref Tekinalp. This event is organised by Tangueando Toulouse association.


  • Friday 3 July

11am - 1:30pm: Tango - connection and communication, differences and uses of the axis and the frame (all levels)

2pm - 3:30pm: Waltz - waltz feelings : loops and phrases (beginner & intermediary)

4pm - 5:30: Tango - the cortados, differents effects and dynamics (intermediary & advanced)

  • Saturday 4 July

11am - 1:30pm: Tango - musicality: rhythmic expression (all levels)

2pm - 3:30pm: Milonga - all forms of milonga: from lisa to traspié (beginner & intermediary)

4pm - 5:30: Ballroom tango - use of the free leg for lapizenrosques and boleos (intermediary & advanced)

  • Sunday 5 July

11am - 1:30pm: Women technique only - balance and dynamic of the ochos, or how to add embellishments (all levels)

2pm - 3:30pm: Men technique only - balance and elegance when walking, doing lapices and enrosques (all levels) 


Eşref Tekinalp & Vanessa Gauch

After working together with some of the important instructors separately, Eşref and Vanessa, both accepted and respected as one of the most important figures in Turkish tango history, came up to become partners as they discover the similarities of their perspective of tango and, in a very short period of time, they have become a source of inspiration for many people.

Their dance contains the elegance of the traditional tango as well as the innovative musical understanding of the new era. 

As teachers, they find ways to help their students to discover and improve their own essence while they make it much easier to learn all those things which seem to be complicated, in a comfortable environment.

Eşref has a background in engineering and Vanessa, who has been living a life full of dance since she was 5 (classical ballet, ballroom dances, jazz, swing, salsa and tango), has a background in biology. Having their own experiences in science made them curious about the possibilities and gained them analytic approach. You can see these characteristics when you watch their unique dance full of surprises. 




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