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Tuesday, July 3 10h30-16h00




€ 45 for the whole day

Tuesday, 03 July 2018 : 10h30-16h00

Workshop offered by Laure Fourest (Autonomie par les arts du corps).

Tanganatomy : Anatomy for tango.

Exploring some of the marvelous and fascinating ways our bodies function, Tanganatomy looks into finding solutions to some of the difficulties all tango dancers encounter at one point or another in their learning. This class is therefore not a classically structured tango class, it does not cover the learning of a step or a sequence ; neither is it a women’s technique’s class (indeed it is aimed at both follower and lead). It is, rather, an opportunity to tackle the body’s difficulties that taint our dance, using the sensory comprehension and integration of specific anatomical elements.

Tanganatomy will therefore bring elements to answer such questions as :

 - What path can I find so that my back no longer hurts ?

- How can I finally manage to relax my shoulders and find the appropriate tone in my arms ?

- How can I hold up my head effortlessly ?
- How can I combine anchoring in the floor (axis, balance) together with lightness (for instance in giros) ?

- What does it mean  ‘to hold my center’?
- How can I find freedom in my legs ?
- How can I spare my feet ?
- How can I develop empowerment and softness in my dance ? How can these two qualities nourish each other ?
… and many other questions you will be invited to raise during the workshop.

We will be going back and forth between exploring anatomical pathways presented through the video projection of an interactive 3D skeleton, practicing fundamental tango movements (such as walking, pivoting, turning) and your questions. 

Minimum level required : one year of regular practice. This workshop is limited to 18 people.

It is not necessary to sign up as a couple.

Please come with flat practice shoes or thick socks (part of the workshop will be done without heels) ; your tango shoes ; comfortable clothes (leggings, baggy pants) ; a yoga mat or a towel.

Note: Tanganatomy will be presented by Laure Fourest Monday July 2nd (see the Cafés tango schedule).


  Location   Espace St Cyprien
  56, allées Charles-de-Fitte
  31300 - Toulouse

Getting there: public transport

Metro: Line A –St-Cyprien-République station
Bus: lines 1, 3, 45, 66
Walking distance from the place de la Daurade: 1.1 km

web site of the Espace: Click here

How to go there ? : or type a know location such as "Gare Matabiau"



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