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Sunday, July 7 14h00-00h00




14€ / 12€ / 12€ // Pass 7 jours // Pass 3 jours

Sunday, 07 July 2019 : 14h00-00h00

10 h of dancing in a ball (from 2 pm) animated by a ronda of traditional tango DJs, plus the TNT Team for alternative tango... and many artists! Enjoy 2 rooms, 2 musical worlds (traditional and neo) and 1 outdoor dance floor (traditional) beside the Canal du Midi!

For those who wish, the restaurant Les Marins d'Eau Douce will offer a brunch 11am to 14:30: more info.  Then, from 4pm, you will find drinks, snacks and food for the afternoon and evening in the tango village tango at 1 bar and the 3 food trucks (buns, empanadas, vegetarian dishes... > details below) 



11h-14h30: brunch at Les Marins d'eau douce restaurant

14h-00h: 10 hours of traditional ball with DJ Béa, Christine and Manu

18h-23h: alternative ball at the Marins d'eau douce

+ Nocturna at 22h30 (room in the first floor)

... And several mini-concerts and shows in the afternoon > more details below!    


DJ Ronda (traditional):

DJ Béa V1DJ Béa (Cugnaux, near Toulouse)







DJ Christine V1

DJ Christine (Toulouse)








Photo Dj Manu V1 300

DJ Manu (Montauban)







Neo ball - Restaurant Les Marins d'eau douce


Nocturna DJ Nathalie Mann at 22h30

DJs :

Anna NeumAnna Neum (Russia)








DJ NatNat (Strasbourg)








 hubertHubert (Toulouse, TNT Team)







Thierry V3

Thierry (Toulouse, TNT Team)







 DJ Phil V1Phil (Toulouse, TNT Team)







Invited artists








Rodrigo Peña despe V2
Orchestre Chakana (4:30pm, outdoor dancefloor)







Marina Carranza V1

Tango-theater cortinas (4 cortinas in the afternoon, between 5pm and 8pm, main room)







Swing V1

Charleston (7pm, outdoor dancefloor)
 Dany Dorf V2Dany Dorf (10pm, relaxation space)







Tango village:

> Food: for all tastes! (service from 4pm)

Chez Pelé et Tondu

El Caminito

La cassole en herbes


> Stands: 

Entonces (shoes)

Florence Darlan (clothes)

Tangoleike (shoes & clothes)


  Location   Salle des fêtes de Ramonville
  rue Irène Joliot-Curie
  31520 - Ramonville-Saint-Agne

Plan d'accès à la salle des fêtes de Ramonville

Transports et horaires navetteLieu d'arrêt de la navette



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