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  International tango festival in Toulouse
from June 26 2015 to July 05 2015



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La vidéo d'annonce du festival

    sur des films de
  • Jean-Pierre Van Loocke,
  • Jean-Guilhem Cailton et
  • Alejandro Diez


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Main events of the 2015 festival

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MisteriosaTwo concerts by the 10 members of La Orquesta Tipica Misteriosa Buenos Aires, who will finish their European Tour by our milongas.

TAXXIThe 9 musicians of TAXXI - Tango XXIWill give a concert in the Auditorium Saint Pierre des Cuisines and some of them will also manage the tango worshop for musicians in the Conservatoire for three days.

DJ Fred2Gap (1) DJ Fred2Gap who has a rich experience of encuentros and will take up the challenge of offering some alternative musical styles.

marcelo rojas 2 You will have the opportunity to discover the phenomenal Marcelo Rojas, DJ and producer on 2x4, the official tango station for Buenos Aires. He will DJ in three sessions, the despedida, an evening and another in open air!.
The dancers Fabian Peralta / Josefina Bermudez exclusively, for 7 classes and a demonstration from Friday 3rd.
Duo Diaz Woiz Duo Diaz - Woiz will show an amazing rfepertory of tango, valz, milonga and argentin folklore in an intimate atmosphere.
Join in numerous events, shows and dance introductions in the city given by the tango associations of Toulouse.
100 hours of dances including the famous Eterna Milonga, free by the Garonne riverside, TWELVE milongas in the evening and several concerts.

More orquestras, the show "Someone speaks about tango", talks and workshops,la Despedida with 10 hours of dancingand a brand new high-qualityworkshop tango in the conservatory...

Read our 2015 cultural theme: Poets and Tango words.