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tampon intemporel 157 noir


     International tango festival in Toulouse


concert memo 2014-11
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Concert exceptionnel organisé par Tangopostale au profit de la Fondation « Gestos de Amor » le 20 décembre à 18h en la Basilique de la Daurade (1 place de la Daurade à Toulouse).
 Avec un style propre et une voix d’exception, Memo VILTE, auteur compositeur accompagné de Juan MAMAMI (charango, guitare) et de Joaquin MEDRANO (instruments à vent : quena, erke, zampoña, toyo), interprètera des chansons traditionnelles du Nord argentin ainsi que ses propres oeuvres.

TANGOPOSTALE 2015 starts again !

Following the General Meeting of 11 October 2014, the new Board has been set up: see HERE

First decision:

As in 2014, Tangopostale will last 10 days: Friday, June 26 to Sunday 5th July 2015.

The first weekend will focus on cultural events, entertainment, the first classes and outdoor and indoor balls.
The highlights of the festival will be from Wednesday evening July 1 to Sunday, July 5

Among the good news, following the analysis of evaluation questionnaires:

  • Our "rainy weather retreat" room Salle Barcelona (much criticised) is replaced by a former chapel, as close to the Eterna Milonga but much more comfortable.
  • Classes will be held in a beautiful room in Espace Saint Cyprien.
  • You will find the Eterna Milonga and Despedida are identical to 2014 since you have loved them
  • We will have a very nice surprise for the evening of Wednesday 1 July


La Salle San Subra, our new back up space photo taken at the AGM)


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