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  International Festival of Tango in Toulouse

from July 1st to 10 2016


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from July 1st to 10 2016

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duo and trio offers
for Ramonville
and combined offer concert+milonga
for wednesday
are only available by Internet


There have been two important changes since the documents addressed to you in February/March were published and since the pocket programme was made in May:

  • The association that was planning to organize the Milonga Negra on July 7th had to give up their plan because of financial problems. Instead we are organizing a Milonga Sinergia that we'll entrust to DJ Fred2Gap (main ballroom) and to Otros Tangos in partnership with Nueva Gardia : two rooms, two types of music gradually tending towards the same energy (from 21:30 to 5:00).
  • Place ST PIERRE The Eterna Milonga, Milonga that a lot of you have known for years is shifting 400 metres downstream, still on the river bank, to take place on a totally renovated Place St Pierre where you'll enjoy moving around in more space, having a drink in one of its outside cafés or just relaxing on its chairs and benches and, most important of all, dancing in the shade of its many trees.

With our settling on the bank of the Canal du Midi (2 ballrooms + a 200 m2 outside covered dance floor + lawns to lie on and deck chairs to have a rest) for the two big evenings on July 8th an July 9th and the Despedida you'll find quite a new summery Tangopostale this year.

And for the festival to be a complete success we'll take up the notice of our friends in the Rome marathon:

We inform you that Tangopostale is reserved for smiling dancers.

Badge DEF


The badge will be offered to all the dancers who agree that smiling at someone is the best way of inviting them whether you are a man or a woman.

our program with pocket format is available in the bookstore of foreing languages Ombres Blanches - 3 rue Mirepoix.
This is the location of the Café Tango during festival. You will find there bilingual works to improve your spanish, read books sitting and drinking coffee, tea and some sweets.

See also the trailer realized by Jean Pierre Van Loocke for Tangopostale 2016 :

Flemish version of the trailer : Clic here.

German version of the trailer : Click here.


This 8th edition of Tangopostale is marked by numerous evolutions which we hope to perpetuate, because they answer our desires and the suggestions of the festival-goers.

Here after are listed the main improvements that will be implemented for 2016, selected from 2015 festival visitors feedbacks:

Our desires concern more particularly the development of the cultural program, because this one addresses both the non-dancers and the dancers, while watching not to increase the level of work. of the volunteers who join us at the time of the implementation of the conferences, the film shows, the guided tours, etc.

The Café Tango, cultural area and tearoom of the section white foreign languages of the bookshop Ombres, is going to give us the possibility to hold more proposals than in the past. Thanks to Laura, Julie and Pauline, all three students in Master's degree " Culture and production of the knowledges " at the school "Sciences politiques" in Toulouse. We let them choose amateurs and professionals to present every afternoon readings, tales, exhibitions, to play music or sing.

To answer suggestions of the festival-goers we added to our program Apéro Tango, to offer one moment of musical listening between the end of the ball at the edge of the Garonne and the beginning of the evenings. It is here a partnership with six bars, restaurants or art gallery which is going to allow us to give them satisfaction.

The Tangopostale festival does not forget the non-dancers! This year, the band of the musicians studed, Cuarteto Tipico Silencio, accompanied with the singer Omar Fernandez in the Auditorium Saint-Pierre des Cuisines, will delight the music lovers.

In response to the received bad reviews last july, we decided to leave the prestigious room Mermoz for the big evenings of the festival. The impossibility to refresh the room decided us, and anyway the Euro 2016 did not leave us the choice either ! But it is a good choice for the future and not only for 2016.
The agreement of the municipality of Ramonville to provide us during three days its village hall in edge of the" Canal du Midi" gives us very beautiful perspectives regarding the comfort.
We are indeed going to have a main room with wooden floor , where we shall welcome the bands Solo Tango (Russia) and Hyperion.
We shall let the animation to OtrosTangos, group of alternative(alternate) DJS.

Outside, a floor of 200 m2 with a regular seating will delight the festival-goers, whatever are the weather conditions.
This year marks besides a strong progress of our network of voluntary festival-goers who assure the distribution of our flyers in all Europe. we have now about forty "ambassadors" (implanted in ten countries) and around thirty "messengers" (Toulousian travelers) to generate new meetings because, " The happiness is the only thing which is coupled if we share it " (Albert Schweitzer).

Christian Couderette
FITT president, (FIIT is the founder association and manager of the Tangopostale festival).



Join us sending a contribution using the reverse page of this document or use this internet link : Clic.
Reminder : membership is included in sponsorship and give you reductions during the festival and sometimes before festival. Your help is VERY important for our independence.

See again the latest Tangopostale 2015 television report on FR3.





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