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Sunday, July 7 12h30-19h30

Despedida (Dancing Roseraie et Tres Minutos)



Sunday, 07 July 2013 : 12h30-19h30



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After two years at the Jardin Michelet, Tangopostale has decided to organise its 2013 Despedida back in the original place to finish off its first 5-year cycle, which is the age of reason for an associative event (let’s not forget it) of this size.



Close to the Latécoère workshops, without which the story of Aérospatiale would never have happened, the festival-goers will gather on a dance floor surrounded by plane trees and in retro-style rooms to share the intimate atmosphere of La Roseraie dance hall with the Festival team in full force.

New : we will be able to take advantage of two venues that are very close together, with a courtyard (on which a dance floor will be installed) and the beautiful dance hall of Tres Minutos association.

Ariel Yurevic will be our DJ at the dancing and Annie Cabrolier at Tres Minutos.

roseraie1roseraie2 From 12:30-2:30 pm , everything will be happening at La Roseraie dance hall: an aperitif, a shared meal, music and dancing already for many of us. The number of meals is limited to 120 people, in view of the venue itself and the desire to ensure this is a friendly event. Be careful to book in time !

 Guitarist Philippe Mahler, dancers César et Virginia, Balthazar Rouscaillou will join us to share this moment with you (surprises not to be excluded !).

Starting at 2:30 pm, the two venues will be open (numbers not limited this time) and you will need the same bracelet for both (which you will be given at the entrance when you first arrive and present your ticket).


  • Dancing : Place de la Roseraie
  • Tres Minutos : 156 bis, Avenue de Lavaur

10 € (and meal : 18 €)

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  Location   Tres minutos con la realidad
  156 Bis Avenue de Lavaur
  31500 - Toulouse
  06 80 68 00 38

tres-1 tres-2


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