Thank you all, tangueros, artists and volunteers for your participation in Tangopostale 2019. 

See you next year for the 12th edition from Friday 26th of June to Sunday 5th of July 2020! 


Thursday, July 7 10h45-17h15

Class: Tango – Musicality (Conexion Tango)

By Associations

Thursday, 07 July 2016 : 10h45-17h15

Conexion Tango organizes 3 workshops

Directed by the professional dancers
Marcela Barrios and Raul Mamone.

mamonemarcellaThose workshop are focused on musicality.

      Theme :
    • 10h45-12h15 : workshop 1 - Tango : musicality on diverse rythms, on and offbeat ; how to move on the floor with the music.
    • 13h45-15h15 : workshop 2 - Milonga : musicality of the Milonga ; Traspiés, in giros.
    • 15h45-17h15 : workshop 3 - Vals : musicality in the rythm, giros and giros again, contra-giros.


    contact : 06 79 32 95 13 ;

    15€ by workshop.

      Location   Espace St Cyprien
      56, allées Charles-de-Fitte
      31300 - Toulouse

    Getting there: public transport

    Metro: Line A –St-Cyprien-République station
    Bus: lines 1, 3, 45, 66
    Walking distance from the place de la Daurade: 1.1 km

    web site of the Espace: Click here

    How to go there ? : or type a know location such as "Gare Matabiau"



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