Thursday, July 7 20h00-21h00

Grand Concert Cuarteto Tipico Silencio and Omar Fernandez


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Thursday, 07 July 2016 : 20h00-21h00

Grand Concert Silencio et Omar Fernandez

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Silencio et omarSilencio (2)

  • Jose Luis Betancor – bandonéon
  • Amadeo Espina – violin
  • Wini Holzenkamp – doble bass
  • Roger Helou – piano and musical director


For this evening's Grand Concert, Tangopostale 2016 invites you come and enjoy a mighty menu of fine tango served up by the world-class musicians of Cuarteto Tipico Silencio and singer Omar Fernandez.
Silencio (6)Silencio (7)

Lend your ears to Silencio's intense musical conversation because, even though they have everything prepared, the inspiration of the moment is bound to turn up some surprises!

Tangophiles know to expect the unexpected each time José Luis Betancor picks up his bandoneon on stage, but when he is powered by the locomotive of Wini Holzenkamp's diesel double bass, shouldered by Amadeo Espina's ample vilolin, and inspired by Roger Helou's occasionally jazzy piano lines, Betancor can make sparks fly.

Silencio was founded in Basel, Switzerland in 2001 by Roger Helou and the orchestra has barely stopped travelling since then : milongas, concerts, workshops for tango musicians throughout Europe and beyond. Three studio recordings (Silencio 2005, Silencio en las almas 2010, Todo, menos la cancion 2014) and a top quality live DVD (Live in Berlin 2007) leave no doubts as to the range and ambition of this orchestra.

In terms of repertoire, Silencio plays some of the best-known pieces from tango's great library of gems made famous by Troilo, Pugliese, Gobbi and Di Sarli they have also managed to bring some new pieces into the spotlight. The result is definitely tango but with a new aesthetic.

Musical director Roger Helou doesn't like routine. In terms of shake-ups for 21st century tango, he could have settled for simply reintroducing the bass clarinet as an instrument in the 10-piece Silencio Tipica. Or he could have been happy with having reminded us of the eminent danceability of the 1960s style by Quinteto Real de Horacio Salgan (a showing of the new Salgan documentary is also part of Tangopostale 2016). But Helou wants to change the way we see tango by widening the repertoire.

Thanks to recordings by Silencio, tango pieces from the margins are now centre-stage. The beautiful milonga camapera "El Violin de Becho" (Alfredo Zitarrosa) and the starnge waltz "La Cerveza del Pescador de Schiltigheim" (Juan Cedron / Mario Paoletti) are regularly played by Silencio and programmed by tango DJs for the dancefloor or for online listening via the many tango web radio stations. Without Silencio, and the warm voice of Omar Fernandez which carries these two pieces, it is fair to say that what now seems normal would probably never have happened.

Don't wait for other people to tell you about what you missed at the concert by Cuarteto Silencio and Omar Fernandez. Each listener hears a different concert. Come and get yours tonight at St. Pierre des Cuisines!



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VIDEOS Cuarteto Silencio – Catuzo

Cuarteto Silencio – Malandraca

Cuarteto Silencio with Omar Fernandez – El Adios

*Roger Helou (Piano Solo) – Sur

Silencio Tango Orchestra with Omar Fernandez – La Milonga

17/15/13 €

  Location   Auditorium Saint-Pierre des Cuisines
  Place Saint-Pierre
  31000 - Toulouse

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