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Programme du festival

Saturday, July 7 12h30-16h00

Listening, feeling and enjoying



1 workshop : € 25 / 3 : € 60

Saturday, 07 July 2018 : 12h30-16h00


Three workshops to take the time to listen, feel and appreciate, offered by Christophe Apprill & Denise Pitruzzello.

Let us take some time and space both physically and mentally to apprehend what is at stake when our bodies come together in tango. What is at stake in terms of energy, connection and sensation when we take a simple step? How can we tune our dynamics, impetus, postures and our relationship to music ?

As a result of their wealth of experience in dancing research and experimentations, Denise Pitruzzello and Christophe Apprill put together an energetic and sensual dynamic. They have developed a personalized pedagogy where they invite their students to find inner movement and develop active listening skills between partners.

  • 06/07 : 2:30-4pm : listening and dialogue in the couple. 
  • 07/07 : 12:30-2pm : finding your dynamic. 
  • 07/07 : 2:30-4pm : finding one’s place (leader/follower), taking space.

NOTE: meet Christophe Apprill at Café tango on July 5th !


06 81 27 24 55 / christophe.apprill@orange.fr

  Location   Salle San Subra
  2, rue San Subra
  31300 - Toulouse

Accès en transports en commun :
métro Saint-Cyprien République (ligne A)





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