Programme du festival

Thursday, July 5 09h30-16h30

Singing workshop



65/55 €

Thursday, 05 July 2018 : 09h30-16h30


Workshop proposed by Bryan Chambouleyron. 9 hours of classes on two days.

  • Repertory proposed: a theme by Carlos Gardel for the group chosen by Bryan and a theme freely chosen by each participant. A guitar accompaniment will be performed by Bryan.
  • Limited to 10 participants. Beyond these 10 laces, a waiting list will be held (first come first served).
  • 9 hours of classes on two days.
  • A good knowledge of Spanish language is recommended.
  • Closing date to register: June, 6th 2018. 
  • The registration must be sent with a cheque accounting for 50 % of the total amount. 
  • The balance will be paid on site at the reception of the workshop.
  • The registrations must be sent to: Antoine Garcia, appt 94, 10 rue du pont Montaudran, 31000 Toulouse. mariebastie{at} / 06 95 51 42 38


Brian Chambouleyron is a singerguitar playercomposer and music arranger who has been part of numerous artistic endeavors and has recreated traditional songs within the genre of tango, Argentinean and international music in his very personal style. Always from a contemporary perspective, Brian brings us versions that have the mark of his showmanship and his unique vocal personality.

Born to Argentinian parents in France, where he spent his childhood, Brian then moved to Latin America. First, he lived in Argentina for a while and then he moved to Mexico and Brazil before returning to Buenos Aires to finally establish his home there. All of those years on the road and living in different countries had a great influence in his musical formation.


06 95 51 42 38

  Location   Conservatoire de musique à Rayonnement Régional
  17, rue Larrey
  31000 - Toulouse

Toulouse Conservatory of Music (Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional)

The CRR is located 300 metres from the Festival ticket office at Place de la Daurade.



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