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Friday, July 5 16h30-19h30

Eterna Milonga - DJ Mikel Rodriguez Vegas



3€ // Eterna milonga pass // 7 days pass // Ticket office on site

Friday, 05 July 2019 : 16h30-19h30

The Eterna Milonga of the afternoon keeps going at night till 11pm! Enjoy the city lights in a tango mood!

/!\ A race is organised in Toulouse city center on Friday 5th of July, starting from 8pm. The traffic is blocked off in most of the city center from 7:30pm and it might be a bit more difficult for pedestrians to circulate too. 

Map of the itineraries of the race and streets blocked off



DJ Mikel Rodriguez 1

DJ Mikel Rodriguez Vegas (Spain)






In case of bad weather, the event will take place at salle Osète/espace Duranti (6, rue du Lieutenant-Colonel Pélissier, Toulouse).

  Location   Place Saint-Pierre
  Place Saint-Pierre
  31000 - Toulouse

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