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Saturday, June 29 10h30-16h00

Tango / Vals / Milonga



1 workshop = 20€ // 2 = 36€ // 3 = 45€

Saturday, 29 June 2019 : 10h30-16h00

3 lessons of 1 hour 30 minutes with Marcela Barrios and Pedro Ochoa.

10:30-12am: Tango. Enrosques with change of direction in turn, embellishment for women.

12h30-2pm: Vals. Chain sequence (cadenas). Keep up the pace, dynamism and impulse.

2:30-4pm: Milonga. Explore the differences between the fast tango and the milonga. Rythmic sequence and change to have fun on the dance floor !

Required level: minimum one year


Marcela Barrios
Marcela Barrios started her career in Buenos Aires, where she performed in many mythical places (Confiteria Ideal, Café Tortoni...). She moved to France in 2001 and has been teaching tango since. She also participates to many shows as a dancer and a choreographer. Mixing with classical and contemporary dances, she presents a rich and varied tango.

Pedro Ochoa
Laureate in the ballroom tango championship of Buenos Aires city in 2011 and in many other international competitions, Pedro Ochoa performs as a dancer and choreographer all around the world (Canada, Brasil, Uruguay, Germany, New Zealand...). Also being a bass player and a composer, Pedro Ochoa grants special attention to musicality.




Contact: ; +336 79 32 95 13


  Location   Salle Osète
  6, rue du Lieutenant-Colonel Pélissier
  31000 - Toulouse

Metro A and B : Jean Jaurès station
The salle Osète is situated in the "Espace Duranti".



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