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Thursday, July 4 14h30-17h30

Tango Café




Thursday, 04 July 2019 : 14h30-17h30

As a cultural meeting place, the Café Tango gathers both professionals and amateurs around tango and South-American culture.

Do not miss the exhibition of drawings "The tango and its maestros" by Hermenegildo Sábat (reproductions)!


Monday, July 1:

14h30-15h 30: Meeting with André Vagnon author of the book Magic City, 1911-1941

15h30-16h30: Meeting with the Argentine designer Jorge Gonzalez


Tuesday, July 2nd:

14h30-15h30: Lecture Conference "The Poets of the golden age of tango" by Solange Bazely

15h30-16h30: lecture -tribute to the draftsman H. Sabat by Jean-Luc Thomas


Wednesday, July 3:

14h30-15h30 : Lecture "La Salida: Tango and the press today” by Jean-Luc Thomas and Solange Bazely

15h30-16h30: Lecture "The visual representation of tango" by Jean-Luc Thomas


Thursday, July 4th:

14h30-15h30: Encounter with the musicians of the Tango Sonos quartet

15h30-17h30: Meeting with Carlos Carrizo author of the book Astor Piazzolla: the music of Buenos Aires


Friday, July 5:

14h30-15h30: -Mara de Patagonie: "Mujeres en el tango", Women in tango.
-Projection of Sergey Davy's short film A boat tomorrow of Serge Davy

15h30-16h30: Reading Etchings of Buenos Aires by Roberto Arlt by Solange Bazely


Saturday, July 6:

14h30-15h30: Meeting with the director and photographer Claire Pétavy

15h30-16h30 : Lecture "Tango of ashes, the tango of death" by Sylvie Beyssade



The Café Tango will open every day from 2pm to allow you to enjoy a coffee before the start of the various meetings.



15h30-16h30: Meeting with the Argentine designer Jorge Gonzalez


  Location   Librairie Ombres Blanches (langues étrangères)
  3, rue Mirepoix
  31000 - Toulouse

Attention, les Cafés tango ont lieu dans l'espace langues étrangères, 3 rue Mirepoix ! À ne pas confondre avec la librairie principale !

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