Thank you all, tangueros, artists and volunteers for your participation in Tangopostale 2019. 

See you next year for the 12th edition from Friday 26th of June to Sunday 5th of July 2020! 


Saturday, June 28 22h00-04h00

Milonga : Caminito (Salle Vezien)

Milonga (no concert)


Saturday, 28 June 2014 : 22h00-04h00

Milonga Endorfina


Endorfina 2014


Essentially classic programming (and some originalities according to the moment’s onda).
Air conditioning, bar, possibility of having breakfast.

The milonga Endorfina proposed by Caminito Endorfina Tango intervenes all 4 ° on Saturdays of the month and drain a public from the whole southwestern France.

Some Tandas with theme will come to liven up the evening...


: Eric Schmitt or Marie Pierre Gabis
Tel : 06 24 80 65 52
Email :

Prices: 6 €, can only be paid at the entrance
bar : from 0.5 € to 2 €
maximum number : 150 people

Peoples (click on a name to get more informations)

  Location   Salle Gilles Vézien
  5, place Roger Arnaud
  31400 - Toulouse



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