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Sunday, June 30 18h30-19h45

Add some blues to your tango!



20€ for 1 workshop / 36€ the 2 workshops

Sunday, 30 June 2024 : 18h30-19h45

2 workshops of 1h30 with Isabelle & Thierry, an original addition to your dance!

A lot of the music played during neotango parties can be danced using blues technique. Because of that, Blues dancing and Tango dancing are two dances that fit very well together cross fertilizing each other. Common to both dance, a very strong and full time connexion, a movement freedom, playing and creating based on music inspiration, all that being the source of a lot of pleasure widening your dancing possibilities.

Workshop 1 • Saturday 29th June - 6:30-7:45pm: A little blues in your tango? 
Learn to recognise music with a blues element.
And try out:
* the basics of the blues connection
* body movements specific to blues music

Workshop 2 • Sunday 30 juin - 6:30-7:45pmMusic and games in connection
Deepen your blues dance techniques to play AND with the music AND in connection with your partner.

Pre-requisites: having followed the Saturday workshop, or knowing and having practised the basics of the "blues" connection.
We will adapt this second workshop to the dancers present and to each person's level. If you've already taken workshops with us, don't hesitate to come and learn more about this technique and try out new games.

• Level required: for all tango dancers. We advise you to follow the first class (the basics) to be able to participate in the second one on spinning techniques.
• Equipment: loose clothing and slippery shoes (without heels)
• Languages: French, English and Spanish
• Booking: No need to register with a partner as we will propose you to experiment both roles and to switch partners (no obligation of course).

••• THE TEACHERS: Isabelle et Thierry 

Isa et Thierry site 2



  Location   Studio Hop
  4 bis, avenue de Rangueil
  31400 - Toulouse

Go to the Studio Hop:

> Metro station Saint-Agne-SNCF (line B) and then 5 min. walking
(For the neolongas, metro until 3am on Saturday and 12pm on Sunday, then carsharing until the first metro at 5:30am)
> By car: exit n°23 b 



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