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Thursday, July 4 18h00-22h00





Thursday, 04 July 2024 : 18h00-22h00

An open-air neo rendezvous on one of Toulouse's most beautiful visual sites!

We'll be dancing with the Garonne at our feet, overlooking the quays and the Dôme de La Grave! We'll be taking care of your feet too, with linoleum for good gliding and, of course, a nice sound system for your ears.

An incredible number of DJs will be there, so we can promise you an eclectic mix! The less exotic DJs will come from Toulouse, Montpellier, Bordeaux and Pau, and others from a little further afield in France, from Paris, Lyon, Angers and Normandy, as well as a few internationals from Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany and even the United States. They're all volunteers, and they're here to give you a glimpse of what neo looks like at the moment in Europe, and in Toulouse in particular. Thanks and smiles are welcome in exchange for their music!

Depending on the time, you might dance on the music of: Jaroslav, Alain, Élodie, Gabriel, Joëlle, Bo, Christophe, Pierre, Jean-Thierry, Sylvain, Raffaele, Laure, Lothar, Alison, Claude, Maryse, Phil...

NeoGaronne week timetable:
• Monday 1st to Thursday 4th July: 6-10pm on the riverside
• Friday 5 July: 6pm-7.30pm on the riverside // 7.30pm-9pm on Place Saint-Pierre
• Saturday 6 July: 6pm-7.30pm on the riverside

✦ And for a change to a more traditional atmosphere, the Eterna Milonga is just above on Place Saint-Pierre, from 4pm to 11pm!


  Location   Quais de la place Saint-Pierre
  place Saint-Pierre
  31000 - Toulouse



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