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Sunday, July 7 14h00-00h00


MILONGA-CONCERT (traditionnelle + néo)


18€ / 14€ (TR1) / 10€ (TR2) // PASS DANSE TRADI // PASS MAS TOLOSA

Sunday, 07 July 2024 : 14h00-00h00

One last weekend of traditional and neo tango in an exceptional venue, for some great encounters and wonderful abrazos!Two evenings with live orchestras, an unforgettable despedida, and two venues/two atmospheres all weekend long...


••• NEW VENUE •••

This year, for the evenings of the last weekend, we're moving to Mas Tolosa, a former farmhouse that's been charmingly renovated! Its superb rooms and large outdoor spaces have won us over, not to mention the coolness guaranteed by the top-notch air-conditioning!
Dancing traditional tango on a "parquet miel" for the comfort of our feet, travelling to other horizons in the neo room, stopping off at the stalls and food trucks, then lounging in the deckchairs set out on the lawn - that's what Mas Tolosa has to offer, and we can already see ourselves there!

Exterieur 16 9

Vertigo 2 16 9

Bella Vita 16 9





• Concert of DUO FAIN-PERKAL

The Duo Fain-Perkal Tango, born in Buenos Aires in 2016, proposes a show of Tango where the audience will appreciate the musical quality provided by the blend of the concert guitar, the bandoneon, the chromatic harmonica and the voices.

This tango dance show, suitable for milongas and concert halls, includes a varied and interesting repertoire consisting in great classics and tangos composed and written by the Duo.

Through their artistic sensitivity and professionalism, Nahuel Perkal (bandoneon, chromatic harmonica and vocals) and Matías Fain (guitar and vocal) look for works of authentic and overwhelming aesthetic value which bring creative alternatives for the time being.


• DJs : 

 DJ Martin Lionti (Argentina-France) & its turntables!

Martin Lionti site








 TDJ R@ffo (Italy-France)

Dj Raffo site








This year, for the final weekend of the festival, neo will have its own 200m2 venue for pure neo sound, over three days, and especially long nights!

More than fifteen DJs will be playing their music: the less exotic ones will come from Toulouse, Montpellier, Bordeaux and Pau, and others from a little further afield in France, from Paris, Lyon, Angers and Normandy, as well as a few internationals from Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany and even the United States. They're all volunteers, and they're here to give you a glimpse of what neo looks like at the moment in Europe, and in Toulouse in particular. Thanks and smiles are welcome in exchange for their music!

Depending on where you are in the evening, you might dance on the music of: Jaroslav, Alain, Élodie, Gabriel, Joëlle, Bo, Christophe, Pierre, Jean-Thierry, Sylvain, Raffaele, Laure, Lothar, Alison, Claude, Maryse, and of course Anna Neum and Phil!

✦ And also... a theatre and dance break with an extract from the show "Para Lisa, ou l'art d'oser le bal" (creation 2024 - Compagnie Aquí Macorina)

Para Lisa sitePara Lisa takes place in a ballroom. It also takes place in an imaginary, dreamlike space. The tango ball is also the ball of life, where a dancer looks for a place to exist: how do you overcome the difficulties of adapting to the norms of the ball?

Idea: Marina Carranza and Anne Derrien || Performance: Marina Carranza || Outside view: Catherine Beilin




Deckchairs to relax on the lawn, food trucks for sweet and savoury treats, stalls to complete your special tango wardrobe... 

• Clothing and shoes: Entonces and Yo baile (shoes) / Gustango and Isaocréations (clothes) / Séverine Müller (massages)
• Food: Cala food (mediterranean), Juanito food truck (Argentine sandwiches), Wok'up Thaï (thaï food), and Moustache icecreams!
• Drinks: Motion bar (hot and cold drinks, soft and with alcohol).


Reduced rates :
* TR1 = FITT members, sponsors, groups of at least 10 people
* TR2 = students, under-26s, jobseekers

How to get to Mas Tolosa :

• Shuttles : We are organising free shuttles to help you get to Mas Tolosa:
> Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July: from the Patte d'Oie metro station (at the 1-2 av. de Grande-Bretagne) to the Mas Tolosa, every 20 minutes from 8.30pm to 10.50pm, and return from the Mas Tolosa to the Patte d'Oie metro station every 20 minutes from 1am to 2.40am (connection with the last metro at 3.05am).
> Sunday 7 July: from the Patte d'Oie metro station to Mas Tolosa, every 20 minutes from 2pm to 4pm, and return from Mas Tolosa to the Patte d'Oie metro station every 30 minutes from 6pm to 11.30pm (connecting with the last metro at midnight).

• By car:
> Play it friendly and carpool!
Follow this link to access the car-sharing platform dedicated to this despedida evening at Mas Tolosa and register to take people with you or to board one of the cars on offer: > Car-sharing for the despedida on Sunday 7 July <
Thanks for the gesture :)

> Exit 6 from the N124 towards Auch, with large car parks at the entrance to Mas Tolosa.

• Campervans :
Possibility of setting up for the weekend of 5 to 7 July in the car park just opposite Mas Tolosa, on the other side of the road (no access to water, toilets or electricity). Signs will indicate it on the day.


  Location   Mas Tolosa
  79 Rue des Chenes
  31830 -  Plaisance-du-Touch




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