-- SEE YOU NEXT YEAR, from 28th June to 7th July! --

Monday, July 3 10h30-16h00

Connection, elasticity, rhythmics and dynamics



1 workshop = 25€ // 2 workshops = 45€ // 3 workshops = 60€

Monday, 03 July 2023 : 10h30-16h00

3 workshops of 1h30 with Pablo & Émilie Tegli.


Workshop 1 • 10h30-12h00 : Waltz, moving in rhythm with the music, exploring, playing
This class is built as a tool for research, immersion and musical exploration to better understand the waltz and its subtle rhythmic variations.

Workshop 2 • 12.45pm - 2.15pm: Sacadas in a different way
Give another colour to the sacadas by varying or multiplying different elements such as bounces, feints, syncopations, etc.

Workshop 3 • 2.30 - 4.00 pm: Line movements with giros
Elasticity, anchoring and centrifugal forces. Through a subtle game of listening and connecting, we will see how the abrazo takes the form of a rubber band allowing us to better control energy and movement in space.

All classes are preceded by a body warm-up and exercises in connection and musical coordination.
Classes are for intermediate to advanced dancers.

  Location   Salle Osète
  6, rue du Lieutenant-Colonel Pélissier
  31000 - Toulouse

Métro A et B : station Jean Jaurès
La salle Osète se trouve dans l'espace Duranti.




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