Monday, 01 July 2013 : 20h00-23h00

La Peña


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penaThe 5th Festival of Tangopostale will start with a bang. The first evening features la Peña, an exceptional event in the Ernest Wallon stadium, in a beautiful lounge overlooking the stadium, whose rugby team is the most successful in Europe.

Toulouse joins Buenos Aires for a big night of music and dance featuring Di Mi Tierra, and a variety of musicians.
An evening of song and enjoyment designed to touch the heart and bring the Rio de Plata to the Garonne and to launch the festival in Toulouse, birthplace of Carlos Gardel.
The setting is sumptuous and in addition you can dine with a choice of menus, either gourmet or bistro style, the latter specially for those who want to get on with the dancing!

Don't miss it !

Prices :
enrance : 15 € (reduced : 13, 12)
Option : menu Peña 25 € (reservation mandatory)

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  Location   Stade Ernest Wallon (Stade Toulousain)
  114 Rue des Troènes
  31200  - Toulouse
  08 92 69 31 15

Stade Ernest Wallon
(Stade Toulousain)

Stage EW (2)Stage EW (1)



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