Thursday, July 4 17h30-19h30

Spectacle-Animation-Initiation : GÉOGRAPHIES SOUTERRAINES (Place Arnaud Bernard)

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Thursday, 04 July 2013 : 17h30-19h30


Alain Gely 1 Alain Gely 3



Alain Gely
Cyrille Vautier




creative dance / theatre

Once again, the Red Bird Company and Acuerdo Latino Theatre meet around Tango and produce a unique spectacle :


geographies souterraines (3) geographies souterraines (4)Two women in search of freedom, one real, rooted in everyday life, the other ghostly , dreamlike, free ... The second is she a perfect duplicate of the first, or simply the fruit of his imagination ?

Are they complicit or rivals ?
Through dance, this new collaborative work attempts to illustrate a journey, that of life, its daily obligations, and its dreams. An attempt to break free of our chains, to be surprised by our own hidden desires, hopes or regrets.


 Géographies souterraines is an original creation continuing the collaborative work of Latino Acuerdo and Red Bird, especially of Ingrid Bricquet-Galmar and Cyrille Vautier.

This new work is based on a collection of poems by Alain VEINSTEIN, based on the words of the dreamlike journey of the author, put into movement in a game of questions and answers between the actress and dancer. Words are thus complementary to the dance The work is developed from the research and activities developed during FITT 2012.


This representation is the beginning of a work originally scheduled for the season of 2013/2014.


With Ingrid Bricquet-Galmar, Actress, Singer, Artistic Director of the Company L'Oiseau Rouge.

Et Cyrille Vautier, Dancer, Artistic Director of Latino Acuerdo

Contacts :
Acuerdo Latino Artistic Director : Cyrille Vautier – 06 29 95 13 94
Production / dissemination / communication - the Compagnie Red Bird : Audrey Entajan

geographies souterraines (3) geographies souterraines (4)

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