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Friday, July 5 21h00-03h00

Tango Sonos / DJ Francesco "El actor"



24€ / 21€ / 18€ // Pass 3 jours // Pass 7 jours

Friday, 05 July 2019 : 21h00-03h00

Enjoy the idyllic Ramonville Festival Hall on the banks of the Canal du Midi with 2 rooms, 2 ambiances (traditional and neo) and 1 outdoor dance floor (traditional)!

With a demonstration of folklore by Rodrigo Peña and Élise Barbot!

+ After at 3am with DJ Phil and Anna Neum


Tango Sonos (Italy)

Already having played in 2017 to the Tangopostale festival, the duo Tango Sonos won over everyone present, and it is with great pleasure that we welcome them again this year.

Two brothers.

A bandoneon and a piano.

The power and the energy of this duo give yet the illusion of an entire orchestra!

Antonio and Nicola Ippolito perform in concert halls and tango festivals all over Europe. They work with the best dancers (Miguel Angel Zotto & Daiana Guspero, Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes, Neri Piliu & Yanina Quiñones, Pablo Moyano & Roberta Beccarini, Leo Calvelli & Eugenia Usandivaras) and with internationally renowned actors and directors (Lindsay Kemp, Sebastiano Lo Monaco, Arnoldo Foà, Nestor Saied). Since 2015, they are part of the famous Miguel Angel Zotto Tango x2 company.

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1st set scheduled for 22h15. 

 Demonstration of folklore by Rodrigo Peña and Élise Barbot 

Rodrigo Peña ven V2









DJ Francesco "El actor" (Italy)

Francesco Anversa 1 2










 Neo ball - Restaurant Les Marins d'eau douce

11pm - 3am

+ 2 nocturnas with DJ Thierry


DJs :

Anna NeumAnna Neum (Russie)








DJ NatNat (Strasbourg)








hubertHubert (Toulouse, TNT Team)







Thierry V3

Thierry (Toulouse, TNT Team)







DJ Phil V1Phil (Toulouse, TNT Team)








You can have dinner on the spot at the restaurant Les Marins d'Eau Douce until 10 pm (reservation by phone advised: +33 5 61 73 16 15).
Then, if you get hungry in the evening, savoury and sweet snacks in the tango village until 2:30am: various cakes, empanadas and a salad (vegan).

  Location   Salle des fêtes de Ramonville
  rue Irène Joliot-Curie
  31520 - Ramonville-Saint-Agne

Plan d'accès à la salle des fêtes de Ramonville

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