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tuesday 04 july 2023
  • PAUSE TANGO  Tuesday 4 July  14h30-16h30   "Idealization, seduction and fantasy" / "Sombras y Tango"

    Lieu : Salle du Sénéchal

    The Tango Café is a week of surprising lectures on various themes, with specialists of tango universe and culture. 
    >> 2:30pm: Lecture with Cesare Mongodi, teacher and poet, accompanied by Brian Chambouleyron, guitarist
    >> 3:30pm: Lecture with Étienne Martin and Benjamin Eismann about the comic « Sombras y Tango »


  • INITIATION - DÉCOUVERTE  Tuesday 4 July  14h30-15h30   Introduction to Tango • Leslie & Guilhem

    Lieu : Place Saint-Pierre

    Discovering Argentinian Tango with the the teachers of the Tangueando Dance School of Toulouse.

  • TANGO BALADE  Tuesday 4 July  14h30-16h00   Tango and History walk #2

    Lieu : Métro Compans-Caffarelli

    Discover or re-discover Toulouse to the Tango beat!

  • BAL, ❤  Tuesday 4 July  16h00-18h00   Butterfly Milonga

    Lieu : Place Saint-Pierre

    Milonga Papillon, inclusive milonga for everyone. At the beginning of Tuesday’s Eterna milonga, Tangopostale wants to share a space of inclusion by inviting you to an experience which makes this possible.

  • MILONGA (traditionnelle)  Tuesday 4 July  16h00-23h00   Gran Eterna Milonga ✩ DJ Annick Pons

    Lieu : Place Saint-Pierre

    The Eterna Milonga is the favourite milonga of the dancers during Tangopostale: 300m2 of outdoor dancefloor in the city center in the shade of the trees. Long version till 11pm...

  • CINEMA  Tuesday 4 July  18h00-20h00   "Suite Juárez, a Tango Madness"

    Lieu : Institut Cervantes

    A Franco-Argentine documentary dedicated to the Argentinean singer-bandoneonist Rubén Juárez followed by a meeting with its co-director Jean-Luc Thomas.


  • MILONGA NEO  Tuesday 4 July  18h00-21h00   NéoGaronne

    Lieu : Quais de la place Saint-Pierre

    The afternoon neotango milongas will once again be held outdoors!


  • MILONGA (traditionnelle)  Tuesday 4 July  22h30-02h30   Noche de Tangueando • DJ Virginia Uva

    Lieu : Salle Osète

    Do you still feel like dancing after the Eterna milonga? Continue dancing at the Osete hall, a beautiful interior with a nice floor around 15mn walking from place Saint-Pierre. The milonga is hosted by Tangueando.


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