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Saturday, July 9 21h00-03h00

Ramonville great milonga - Bandonegro + DJ Laura Petroni

MILONGA-CONCERT (traditionnelle + néo)



Saturday, 09 July 2022 : 21h00-03h00

>> A live orchestra, an open air dance floor, an indoor dance floor, a neotango zone, a tango village, chill areas... Welcome to the our great week-end in Ramonville, along the canal du Midi!


/!/ LAST MINUTE INFO: due to local bylaw, the schedule of this event is changed:
-the after from 3am is cancelled
-outdoor dancefloor will close at 2am and the traditional tango will be only in the main room from 2 to 3am
-the neo milonga at the restaurant Les Marins d'eau douce will close at 2am   


-- MILONGA-CONCERT (traditional tango) / 9pm - 3 am --

• BANDONEGRO (Poland) + Carlos Roulet 

Bandonegro site

Bandonegro is a world-class Polish tango orchestra, one of the most intriguing and recognisable performers of this musical style. They specialise in both the traditional Argentinean tango and tango nuevo, as well as compose their own pieces adding the elements of jazz and classical music. Their incredible passion, ideas for music, fresh sound and unique style that is perfect for dancing have won the hearts of audiences all over the world as they are deemed the best tango orchestra of their generation.

↪ More info // ↪ Facebook

They will be accompanied on vocals by Argentinian singer Carlos Roulet.

Michał Główka - bandoneon / Jakub Czechowicz - violin / Marek Dolecki - piano / Marcin Antkowiak - double bass / Carlos Roulet - vocals 


• DJ Laura Petroni (Argentina/Italy) 

• Show by the maestros Vanessa Gauch & Esref Tekinalp

-- NEOTANGO MILONGA / 10pm - 2am --  

DJ Anna Neum (Russia) 

DJ Hubert (France)

DJ Thierry (France) 

DJ Phil (France) 

-- AFTER / 3am -...  --  [CANCELLED]

"Bailar hasta romper los zapatos"... you know what it means? When the indoor space closes, at 3pm, we invite you to join the outdoor floor to keep dancing. First, an hour of traditional tango and modern interpretations of old tangos... and then, little by little, we smoothly move to neo until dawn. 

DJ Phil & DJ Anna

  Location   Salle des fêtes de Ramonville
  rue Irène Joliot-Curie
  31520 - Ramonville-Saint-Agne

Map to reach the salle des fêtes de Ramonville


• By car: exit n°19 (Ramonville) then follow the Parc technologique du Canal
• By bike: a short ride from Toulouse city centre along the Canal du Midi!
• By metro: line B, stop at Ramonville. We are setting up a regular shuttle between the venue and the metro at the beginning and end of the evening (last metro departure: Friday & Saturday = 3am / 12am on Sunday // first departure = 5.15am). And for departures after 3am, carsharing!


Shuttle schedule: 
• Friday & Saturday: 
-Going = from Métro Ramonville Saint-Agne to Salle des fêtes de Ramonville: every 15mn, from 8:30pm until 11pm
-Coming back = from Salle des fêtes de Ramonville to Métro Ramonville Saint-Agne: every 15mn, from 1am until 2:45am

• Sunday: 
-Going = from Métro Ramonville Saint-Agne to Salle des fêtes de Ramonville: every 15mn, from 2pm until 4pm
-Coming back = from Salle des fêtes de Ramonville to Métro Ramonville Saint-Agne: every 30mn, from 6pm until 11:30pm




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